New skincare replenishes teens


Harsitha Kalaiarasan

PICK AND CHOOSE. The numerous beauty products pictured are considered skincare staples. Various products usually form one’s skincare routine, which is a mode of stress relief in itself.

Simple, cruelty-free, trendy, and fresh are all enticing adjectives that describe the new wave of skincare sweeping across the nation. Glossier, Lush, Mario Badescu, and Tony Moly are a few of the dominate brands attracting the attention of young teenagers.

With the ever increasing amounts of stress, lack of sleep, and pressure surrounding high school students, skincare is an outlet allowing a few minutes each day to take care of oneself.

Teenagers deal with a lot of insecurity about their skin, but safe products make healthy skin a much more approachable task.

“[Skincare] is a way to take care of something that everyone sees everyday. It is relaxing to do and has good results,” said Eddie Wade, 11.

In a world infatuated with physical appearance, the concept of skincare is not old news; however the clean, aesthetic approach taken by companies is becoming more attractive to high school students.

Glossier, a company whose prominence is accredited to social media, is one of many brands revolutionizing the way beauty is perceived.

“We want to make amazing things that really have a great impact, even beyond product efficacy, but really in your day, in your life,” said Emily Weiss, founder and CEO of Glossier, in a recent interview with INC. com.

It is worth noting that the aforementioned brands have succeeded in the market because of products that resonate with consumers due to variables like ingredients, effectiveness, and price.

“[When buying a product] I expect it to do its job without splurging a lot of money on the item. You can spend five to ten dollars and get the same results as a $100 product,” said Helen Sotropa, 11.

The world of cleansers, toners, serums, and face masks produces an ambiance of relaxation and confidence for teenagers while boosting an active industry.

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