Juniors juggle jumbles of classes, clubs, extracurriculars

When students first come into the high school as freshman, their ride has just begun, and four years stretch out before them. Before long, they will be sophomore, then juniors, then seniors, and eventually graduating as the fours years fly by.

Though times flies, that does not mean the four years will be easy. During high school, students truly test their skills for time management and balancing priorities when it comes to school work and extracurricular activities.

“Balancing time is essential and is a challenge personally for me. I want to spend time to study the material in every class, but I also want a balanced social life with extracurriculars,” said Eshika Kohli, 11.

Many high school students emphasize that junior year is by far the most difficult. Considering the number of AP classes students take along with sports, clubs, other extracurricular activities as well as standardized tests, finding time for everything is a struggle.

“Many classes have become much harder junior year. Then there is the stress of finding a college to go into as well as the standardized testing. I’m not holding up too well due to all the stress, but it is still manageable for me,” said Adam Kossen, 11.

However, the ride is different for everyone, so some students such as junior Swati Bhageria found sophomore year to be the toughest.

“I think part of it is the fact that you don’t have the excitement of being a freshman just starting high school or the excitement of a junior or senior about to go to college.

“It’s also solidifying many of the things you’ve already learned, which isn’t something I enjoyed that much. I’ve learned a lot more new things junior year, which I think as of now is my favorite year of high school,” Bhageria said.

High school is stressful, but it is an important part of life and a great tool to help prepare for college, jobs, and the real world. It is important to make sure to enjoy the ride as high school only happens once in your life and you will not be able to come back later even when you want to.

Keep calm and carry on.