BLINK illuminates city

Over the course of four nights, Over the Rhine (OTR) hosted a one-of-a-kind, light festival showcasing the pieces of many featured artists. This event was the first of its kind here, providing fun glowing interactives for all ages throughout the entire city.

“I really enjoyed it and thought it was a good [festival] to have in Cincinnati,” said Sarah Schrantz, 9.

Among all of the artwork, a few pieces stuck out to freshman Allison McElroy.

“One piece I saw was called ‘The Pool’ and basically it was a bunch of circles that you could walk around/jump on and they would change colors when you touched them.

“It was really cool how you could interact with this piece and change the color. Another piece I saw was like an eye shape with different color lights and when you went behind it, you could see your shadow in it and it was a good photo opportunity,” McElroy said.

Madeleine Suh
BLINK. Over the weekend, residents in the Cincinnati area took a trip downtown for this special event. The U.S. Bank sponsored festival could be seen all night long with millions of people exploring around the glowing city.

On the nights of Oct. 12-15, many SHS students headed downtown to either present or experience these inviting lights of all different colors, patterns, and themes.

“One more thing I saw was sort of like mini golf where there were different colored fabrics in the center that lit up and then around it, you could hit the golf ball into the hole,” McElroy said.

More than a million Cincinnati residents and visitors made their way to OTR this past weekend. The new Cincinnati Bell streetcar was packed, carrying people around the entire city.

”I felt fairly comfortable with such large crowds downtown. It was exciting to see the number of people that come downtown for the event,” said Anna Schulte, 9.

Schulte compared BLINK to the well-know Lumenocity show; she explained how BLINK incorporated the same concepts but in addition was active, interactive, and brought more people into the city.

“It was a great way to combine a fun activity with an art exhibit!” McElroy said,