Art students write their way towards field trip


Harsimran Makkad

EXPLORE. AP Art students tour Contemporary Art Center on their first field trip of the year. They have also visited the museum-hotel C21 and the Taft museum and will be going to a local artist’s studio before visiting the Taft once again. “There may be other field trips planned for the future so that all the students can experience a variety of settings,” said Mrs. Kathy Ferguson, AP art teacher.

  “All human knowledge takes the form of interpretation,” said German essayist Walter Benjamin.

  On Tues., Nov. 7, AP Art students will be taking a field trip to the local artist Marlene Steele’s studio before visiting the Taft museum for the second time.

  During their first visit, they toured the museum and learned more about the history and story behind each piece.

  “This was a really amazing experience, getting to see all these pieces of so much variety in such a small space. I can’t wait to go back there again,” said Melinda Looney, 12.

  For their second visit, students will be presenting creative papers they wrote on a piece of their choice.

  In preparation for the field trip, students are expected to turn in the rough drafts of their papers by Sun., Oct. 29. This way Mrs. Kathy Ferguson, AP Art teacher, can read through them and provide feedback.

This is the chance for students to explore their interests and try out different writing techniques.”

— Kathy Ferguson, AP Art teacher

  “I’m not sure how I’m writing this. I know it has to be creative, so I am trying to brainstorm a list of perspectives I can write the paper from,” Looney said.

  Papers can be written in different formats, including short stories, poems, even songs. The goal is for students to connect with art in a different way than normal.

  “This is the chance for students to explore their interests and try out different writing techniques,” Ferguson said.

  These field trips are part of the Artists Reaching Classrooms (ARC) program in which SHS is taking part.