Madewell enters makeup market


Maya Goldenberg

MAKEUP MADNESS. These beauty products show some of the more colorfully packaged makeup items available. The items sold in the Beauty Cabinet are not colorfully packaged- they are more clean cut and minimalistic. “I always like to see the fun packaging when I walk around at makeup stores, but I prefer a more simple aesthetic,” said Zoe Goldenberg, 12.

French-girl style is known to be breezy, effortless, and crisp, all the while maintaining a bit of ‘je ne sais quoi.’

The store Madewell perfectly captures this sought after aesthetic in their garments, and it has recently been carried over into their new collection of beauty products.

The collection is called the “Beauty Cabinet,” and it features products from brands that are a breath of fresh air.

They are not like the typical brands showcased at Sephora and Ulta, where some consumers can be overwhelmed by all the colorful and attention-grabbing packaging.

Instead, the Beauty Cabinet’s packaging is minimalist and clean cut, staying true to the image of Madewell.

“At first glance, the products from Madewell’s Beauty Cabinet appear to be high quality and they look like products that I would be interested in,” said Caroline Skwara, 10.

One of the refreshing brands being stocked on the shelves of the beauty cabinet is French Girl Cosmetics (FGC). “[FGC, a] sustainable brand, is about small-batch, handmade skin care, never [tested] on animals,” said Madewell’s website.

Lotion, exfoliator, moisturizer, and lip tints are all made by FGC and offered on Madewell’s website. The store’s Kenwood Mall location will be selling the lip tints; however, that is the only makeup that will be in their Kenwood store.

“I wouldn’t buy anything from the collection because I believe that the price point is fairly unrealistic for students like me,” Skwara said.

Shoppers here may have to add shipping costs to the already steep prices.

“Even for students who work part time jobs outside of school, $48 for a face mask seems unreasonable and I wouldn’t be willing to pay that amount,” Skwara said.

Sadly, French-girl style does not come cheap.