Running away from times


Beth Myers

KIDS DO NOT GO OUT AS OFTEN ANYMORE. Statistics have shown that the number of kids who go outside to play for fun has decreased rapidly over the years.

A lot has changed over just the past few years with many common day-to-day activities like how people meet and date or what the typical activities are that friends do together or even the way kids play sports has changed.

“Organized sports are good for kids but not if that’s the only time they play,” said Gary Simmons, writer for CNN.

Thirty years ago, kids would play any type of sport outside with their friends for as long as they could. Now, most kids do not just go out to play for fun. Instead, they just play real sports on an organized team.

Many kids would play in a backyard or in an empty lot to play whatever game they are wanting at that time. Now, you will only see kids play on fields that are nice, clean and made for that sport.

Even now, kids have all of their own equipment. Only 30 years ago, kids would share their equipment with everyone else. They would use old cast offs or objects as the goals or bases, depending on what game they were playing.

“American children now spend half as much time outdoors as they did 20 years ago,” said John J. Watkins, writer for The Times.

Now adults pick which sports team their child is going to play for. Back then, they would all choose their own teams. It would switch up every time.

Thirty years ago, kids would just enjoy playing with their friends. They would not expect any type of reward. Now, kids will get a trophy or a ribbon just for participating in whatever sport they play.

“You don’t see as many kids out anymore. Playgrounds are less crowded, basketball courts are usually empty,” said Leah Okner, wellness manager at Franciscan Omni Health & Fitness.

Getting kids to go out and play may be difficult, but it could have a positive impact. Kids may learn how to have fun without playing their electronics or sitting inside and watching TV.

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