‘A balancing act’

Marching band competes in Grand Nationals


McDaniel’s Photography

The marching band season is over, with the group performing at Lucas Oil Stadium. The group performed their show Libra in BOA Grand Nationals. Students had to learn how to balance their time with practice and school work.

Lucas Oil Stadium has hosted performances for many of the greatest musical groups across the nation. As an indoor field with a 70,000 person capacity, it is both foreboding and adrenaline-inducing.

The marching band received the opportunity to showcase their competition show Libra in Indianapolis at the Lucas Oil Stadium for BOA (Bands of America) Grand Nationals.

At the finale of its season, the marching band has been preparing for this competition for many months.

Students were urged to take with them the memories of the unforgiving summer band camp heat and the frigid fall competitions that lead them to Grand Nationals.  

The group performed on Thurs., Nov. 9, and returned home unsure of how their performance went. Although the band did not move on to semifinals, their score improved by 6 points from their last trip to Indianapolis in 2011.

Mr. James Blankenship said he was very proud of the performance, especially considering the growth he has witnessed over the past few years.

Marching band takes time, skills, and determination. It is a balancing act of school work and practice. In all, Libra is very representative of the lives of marching band students- it is all about balance.