Local honorable leaders induct juniors into prestige


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GETTING LIT. During the ceremony, NHS leaders light students’ candles to symbolize their induction into NHS. “I’m thrilled to see watch our hard work come into action on induction night. When I was inducted last year, the sponsor speeches were especially touching. I’m looking forward to hearing them this year from our new members,” said Ashwin Chidambaram, 12, NHS treasurer.

The National Honors Society (NHS) is initiating its next class of academic achievers on Nov. 14. The organization recruits students who maintain a 3.6 GPA and contribute a minimum of 15 service hours to the community.

The NHS initiation ceremony abounds with roses, celebratory candles, and short speeches from inductees to acknowledge a non-familial person who helped assist them in their success.

Their chosen mentors are known as sponsors. A sponsor is a person who can attest to a prospective inductee’s growth in one or more of NHS’ core pillars: Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service.

Junior Ryan Pandilidis chose Mr. Matthew Hahn as his NHS sponsor.

“In Mr. Hahn’s class, I feel like I learn useful and impactful things. He truly helped sparked my interest in engineering,” Vandilidis said.

The organization is lead by five impassioned senior officers: Jodie Lawson (President), Kate Macnamara-Marsland (Vice President), Ashwin Chidambaram (Treasurer), Rishav Dasgupta (Secretary), and Anita Pan (Communications).

These five leaders are responsible for managing the club and putting the induction event together.