Choral program approaches winter concert

STAY IN THE KNOW. Choir student Madison Herzog checks out On the website a calendar is available to stay informed about dates and rehearsals choir members must attend. This is also a great way for all interested in choir and their performances to learn when and where concerts will be taking place. Photo courtesy of Kirsten Thomas.

Kirsten Thomas, Spotlight Chief

With first semester nearing an end, SHS choirs have a lot to accomplish before exams.

On Thurs. Dec. 7 choral members will partake in their final performance of the semester. The concert will take place in the auditorium with a 7 p.m. start time.

All choirs will participate, including Aviator Chorale Ladies (ACL), Aviator Chorale Men (ACM), Bella Voce, and extra curricular club Madrigal. All choirs are taught and directed by Mr. Ken Holdt.

Holdt and all members have been working for weeks to prepare. This includes rehearsing in class and handling other factors after school.

On Nov. 30 select individuals stayed after to set the stage for the concert, while all performing are required to attend rehearsals on Dec. 6 and 7 to assure the concert runs smoothly.

This concert, as typical of other performances, will not disappoint. But, there will a difference between this concert and others from the past.

“This concert is going to be different. Our starter songs are unusual compared to the ones at the last winter concert,” said Kaitlynn Herzog, 12.

Although some might not like change, this concert is promising as always.

“It’s going to be different, but in a good way,” Herzog said.

Make sure to make it to the concert to support your friends, see what the choral program has been up to, and of course enjoy the show. Be prepared for a great show.

“We are just going all out,” Herzog said.