Students skate around clock


Tribune News Service

SKATE ON. Summit Park is having a photo challenge. Go out and take your own photos. The best ones are going to be featured on their social media accounts.

Summit Park is the chatter of the school. An ice rink has just opened and is drawing people to the park to spend time with friends and family. The rink opened in November and is open through February.

The ice rink is located underneath the glass canopy. Since the location is so good, the rink has drawn some of SHS students to lace up their skates and show Summit what they got.

“I have not been to Summit to ice skate yet, but it is definitely on my list of things to do this winter,” said Katie Stautberg, 12.

Another huge plus to the rink is the price. Admission is $5 and that includes skates. This is a huge advantage to Summit Park. Other local rinks such as Sports Plus, whose admission fee is $10, are indoors, not giving the full holiday cheer.

Sports Plus and Summit Ice Skating Rinks include skate rentals within their price, while the famous Ice Skating Rink in Fountain Square costs a total of $10, with $6 for admission and $4 for renting skates.

“I enjoyed skating there. It was a little small, and Sports Plus is better, but Summit is more convenient and cheaper,” said Adam Mather, 11.

“Blue Ash will offer curling, pond hockey and broomball at the rink starting in January,” according to