Students approach AP testing


Claire Myers

BUY AP STUDY BOOKS NOW. It’s never too late to start studying, even before it is time to sign up for APs. “I have noticed that when I buy my books, I am more likely to start studying earlier and rememeber to sign up for my AP exams,” said Brecka Banner, 12.

As this semester comes to a close, it is time to start preparing for the second and last semester of this school year. Spring break, prom, graduation, and so much more happen during second semester.

AP tests also occur during this last semester. It is time to start looking out for when sign-ups will begin.

“You will not be stressed out if you sign up on time, and colleges will look at your scores to make sure you can handle next level coursework,” said Brycen Gwyn, 12.

Sign-ups will be through Sycamore. They will begin at the beginning of next semester.

“Signing up on time makes it less stressful for both the teacher and for me, and it is easier to focus on preparing to do well on the test,” said Jane Lundgren, 12.

There is an additional charge if someone signs up for the AP too late, and there is even the chance of not being able to take it.

“It’s important to sign up for APs on time because it relieves stress by getting it out of the way and following through on our responsibilities,” said Brecka Banner, 12.

Signing up on time can show responsibility and will help so there is more time to study for the exams and classes that are also going to occur around the time of APs.

Remember that on exam day, it is important to bring a valid ID, student accommodation letter, pencils, erasers, and a regular watch.

To learn more about signing up for APs, click here.