Concern rises for household pets


Kirsten Thomas

HOLIDAY TRADITION. Buckeye, a seven year old Beagle, is not a fan of fireworks or loud noises. Buckeye upholds his holiday tradition by running around and whining when fireworks can be heard. Furthermore, if any loud noises are made inside, Buckeye is notorious for sprinting away and hiding elsewhere in the house. Photo Credit: Kirsten Thomas

With the holidays upon us, at times it can be easy to forget about the experiences your furry friends will encounter. Although it can be fun including Fido in the festivities, make sure you take all necessary precautions to keep him safe.

The ASPCA has many tips and tricks to make sure your pets stay safe this holiday season.

To start off, if you put up a Christmas tree, make sure it is set up properly. An unanchored tree could fall and potentially injuring your beloved pets.

Allie Albrecht, junior, has two cats. Throughout the holidays, she makes sure to take precautions to ensure their safety.

“We keep the breakable ornaments towards the top of the tree, and we’re always careful when going in and out of the house so they don’t get out, especially in the winter,” Albrecht said.

Furthermore, if you like to light candles, make sure they are not left unattended. Pets could easily burn themselves, or even knock a candle over, creating a fire.

Also make sure to keep any glass or ornaments out of pets reach. If gotten a hold of, your pet’s digestive tract could be in trouble.

When it comes to food, it would be best to exclude your pets. There are many dangers to giving your pets sweet, fatty, or food with bones.

“We don’t leave food on the counter and walk away,” Albrecht said.

Rather, pick up a treat at a local pet store to ensure your furry friend stays safe.

As New Year’s celebrations approach, it is imperative that pets are kept indoors and away from all midnight fireworks. Also, keep confetti and noisemakers away from pets.

“Pets are family too and should always be treated like it,” Albrecht said.