Lady Aves Live for Liz


McDaniel's Photography

LADY AVES. The game will be played by SHS’ Lady Aves Varsity team. This is a great event to attend with friends or family to support a local cause. Youth teams for boys and girls are also invited and will receive free admission if wearing their game jersey.

The Lady Aves basketball team is gearing up to take on the Lady Comets on January 10 for the second annual Live for Liz game.

Tip off will take place at 7:30 p.m. at SHS. Liz Lothrop, math teacher Randy Lothrop’s daughter, passed away in 2016 after battling cancer.

Last year, the event took place at Mason Middle School. This year, the Aves are proud to host the event at home.

Liz played basketball at Mason High School. This event is a great way for both schools to honor Liz and raise money to help those with childhood cancer.

Last year, the Lothrops spoke about how much Sycamore meant to them.

“Mr. and Mrs. Lothrop were on the court, and they were talking about [Liz’s] cancer and how Sycamore was such a huge support,” said Isabel Ingle, 11.

The goal of the event is to raise money for CancerFree KIDS, a local organization that provides funding for research in pediatric cancer. At last year’s event, $9,000 was raised for CancerFree KIDS.

“When they came out with the check with all of the money that we raised, it was just so cool to see; my heart melted, and that’s when I cried,” Ingle said.

At last year’s event, the crowd was memorable.

“I feel like the crowd was heartbroken just like I was, it was quiet when they were speaking [about Liz], but when the check came out you couldn’t hear anything it was so loud,” Ingle said.

During halftime, activities will be available, including tug of war, a dunk competition, a three point competition, and a dance battle.

Although rivals, the Live for Liz event is a great way for both teams and fans to come together to support a cause both are connected to.