Ski Club slides through winter


SKI TIME. Students in the Ski and Snowboard Club either bring their own equipment or rent equipment at the slopes. They usually board the buses around 3 p.m. and get to the slopes around 4 p.m. They can ski through dinner and meet back at the buses by 8:15 p.m. and get back to school around 9:15. Photo courtesy of Stephanie Hong.

With winter coming in full force, the Ski and Snowboard Club has been enjoying the weather by heading out to Perfect North. The ski area is located in Lawrenceburg, IN and is the closest one to the Greater Cincinnati area.

“I love that we have more snow this year because it has been making up for last year when the conditions were always so poor,” said Melinda Looney, 12.

Last year’s warm winter did not bode well for the club, but they still went out every Tuesday like always. The members found other ways to enjoy the weather, coming up with creative ways to get down the slopes.

“I remember hearing about a couple people acting out Star Wars scenes on the bunny hill, using their ski poles as light sabers. Not many of the runs were open because they couldn’t make enough snow, so we had to come up with other ways to enjoy ourselves, and we sure did,” Looney said.

This year’s conditions have been more favorable, allowing the club to go out to the slopes before break. They even went out on the Tuesday of exam week, making sure to be back early enough so students could study.

“I have never actually gone out on exam week because I always seem to have some of my hardest exams on that Wednesday, but I really wish I would have because I think it would be cool to go out so early in the day. They leave after exams around noon, and I feel like it would be cool having light for the entire time we were skiing instead of it getting dark like an hour in,” Looney said.

The club will continue to go out every Tuesday that there is school and the slopes are open, which usually makes their season range from December to February or March, depending on the year.