Future educators rise


Tribune News Service

GAME ON. TPA students are using all of the skills they have learned so far this school year to help them prepare. The competition includes life lessons such as public speaking and job interviews.

Teaching Professions Academy (TPA) I and II are starting to prep for the Educators Rising (ER) competition.

The competition is March 15-16 in Columbus. It is an opportunity to gather for a two-day conference that will include keynote speakers, break-out sessions, and competitions, all geared to help develop teaching skills.

“The ER state conference is a really fun, enriching experience for our students.” said Jody Googins, TPA teacher.

TPA has been going to this competition for four years and has done exceptionally well. They have placed in the top five multiple times, letting them go to Nationals in various places such as Phoenix, Boston, and DC. They had a national first place champion last year.

The competition has many different aspects to it. Some of the competition pieces are due two months before the actual event. These include research papers, videos, lessons plans, and others.

On the first day, students compete, and on the second day, students participate in breakout sessions and attend awards.

“Spending two days together and getting to know each other is a highlight of the year,” Googins said.

“With a blend of individual and team events, competitions are authentic, engaging opportunities for rising educators to stretch their creativity, commitment, and professionalism,” according to ER.