Dating evolves through ages


Griffin Harris

CHANGE. Dating has become less structured. It is no longer as formal as it used to be. “Relationships have become less restrictive and less structured,” said the List.

Many imagine their idea of the “perfect date.” The girl gets all dressed up in her favorite outfit. The boy goes up to the front door and meets her parents. Then, the two go to see a drive-in movie or a nice restaurant.

But, in today’s society, it seems that the dating culture has changed.

In the past, there was more of a process for a date night. Usually, the man would come to the door and meet the parents of the lady he was interested in.

Now, many do not come up to the door to get someone. They will just text the individual that they are outside and ready for them to come out. Many may not have met their date until they actually go with them.

“You can’t turn your head without finding someone who has at least one dating app on their phone,” said “The List.”

Going “steady” has also changed since previous years.

“In the 1950s, ‘going steady’ was the term for being in an exclusive relationship,” said The List.

Now, many do not say that they are “going steady”. Hook-ups, one night stands, and cheating have become a way of the world and socially acceptable in society and in the media.

“As technology has become such a central part of our society, we tend to communicate with our ‘significant other’ through the phone and not face-to-face,” said Michael Samways, 12.

Dating has changed immensely since the past, but each generation has different views on what exactly “dating” is. However, the dating from the past is not here anymore.