SAFA Scholarship application period opens

The Dan Henke SAFA Scholarship is a $1000 award that is presented to one Sycamore senior each year.

The scholarship is named after Dan Henke, a leader in the SHS alumni association who has served as a teacher, coach, and administrator at SHS for multiple years.

The Sycamore Alumni and Friends Association (SAFA) are looking for students who exemplify the “spirit of Sycamore.” This means demonstrating strong academic performance, pride in extracurricular involvement, passionate community service and volunteerism, and enthusiastic school spirit.

They represent what it means to be an Aviator to the students and staff within SHS and to the entire community.

Once selected, the student will be allowed to speak at the Distinguished Alumni dinner prior to graduation and can maintain contact with SAFA after graduation for alumni activities.

Applicants should submit:

  • A resume or bio of involvement, activities, and achievements
  • A one-page cover letter of why they feel they deserve this award