Less than inclement weather causes snow day

Snow Day pic
Everyone spends their snow days differently. People study, do homework, go sledding, catch a movie, or even just sit at home and read. Whatever your preference, hopefully you enjoyed your days off and will enjoy all the ones to come. Image by Taylor Evans.

While waking up at 6:30 a.m. and being told that you can go back to sleep because it is a snow day is arguably the greatest feeling ever, it should be saved for the appropriate time.

Many of us were more than confused to find that school was cancelled on Dec. 10, seeing as a little less than two inches of snow had accumulated.

“I woke up and I didn’t really believe that we had a snow day again, because it didn’t look like it snowed more,” said Abby Belcher, 11.

The snow day on Dec. 6 was definitely called for since we received freezing rain and ice slicks covered the roads.  However, in comparison to the cause of Dec. 10’s cancellation, the reason seemed weak.

“My parents didn’t want to drive in the weather on Friday, but they were alright with me driving on Tuesday,” said Sara Schuetz, 11.

Safety is always a priority, and by no means should it ever be compromised, however, the few inches of snow on Dec. 10 did not constitute a need for the cancellation of school.

“I would have been fine with the 90 minute delay,” said Belcher.

The reason for the seemingly indifference towards the snow day on Tuesday is because we are only allotted a total of five calamity days for the entire year.  After five snow days, every snow day after that will have to be made up in June, prolonging the school year.

Considering that we are headed into one of the coldest winters ever, we as students would rather save those snow days for when we actually need them.

In addition, this time of year, teachers notoriously pile on work to get everything in before winter break, so adding snow days on top of this is a recipe for a stressful catastrophe for all students.

Again, we all love and appreciate when we get breaks and days off, however, we would like to save those days for when they are actually needed, so we do not end up staying a month later than the scheduled last day of school.