Freaky food dominates global eating


Brecka Banner

STRANGE FOOD. Some people have very strange food in their fridges. America has strange food, but Americans do not find them weird.

Eating is an usual task of everyone’s daily lives. But in many countries, the “normal” food differs.

In America, we enjoy different kinds of meat (mainly pork and beef), salads, different types of breads, and many others. Other people from around the world may find these weird, but that is a choice that depends on the person.

For example, in Korea, there may be a dish that looks just like a regular salad with meat on top. But little do you know, the meat comes from dogs. Ew! This special dish is called “Boshintang.”

“It’s still popular with the older generation and generally agreed to taste better than it smells,” said The Rough Guide.

Also, imagine receiving a pie and expecting just a normal, delicious looking top. Well, in England, there is a “Stargazey Pie.” Instead of the normal top to the pie, there are fish heads lining the edges.

“This is a pie with fish that stare at the sky,” said The Rough Guide.

Italy is known for its amazing pastas and spectacular chefs. But you may decide differently about their cheeses after this.

In Italy, there is a type of cheese called “Casu Marzu”. But instead of making it bad, they make it really bad. They allow the larvae of flies to hatch inside and burrow around while digesting the fats. People can choose to eat with or without the maggots.

“I enjoy our regular daily foods that we eat here in the states. I do not like being adventurous,” said Brecka Banner, 12.

I believe now would be a good time to become more careful about what you order in foreign restaurants. You may not get what you are planning.