Countries change for climate change


Tribune News Service

SOLAR POWER. The new solar road in Jinan, China first opened in December. It has since been closed because of thieves stealing the road’s solar panels. China is not the first country to have this idea; the Netherlands first laid out a solar panel bike path in 2014, and France has had a solar road in Normandy since the end of 2016.

As temperatures rise and the effects of global warming become increasingly evident, countries are looking for effective and innovative ways to combat the causes of climate change.


China is leading the future of solar power. The country boasts the largest solar farm in the world- it is composed of about 4 million solar panels. China is also in the process of building 100 panda-shaped solar farms.

It has built a solar road, which is composed of three layers- a bottom layer of insulation (keeping nature from tearing up the road), with the solar panels above that, then topped with transparent asphalt.


Norway aims to sell only electric cars by the year 2025. Currently, it has the largest percentage electric car drivers (23 percent of its population). Furthermore, it is the first country to vow to zero deforestation.

The nation also contributes quite a bit of money to decrease deforestation in countries such as Brazil.


Germany has been taking some huge steps towards living off of renewable energy. Last year, 35 percent of its electricity was renewable- that was record-breaking.

The country has also been phasing out its nuclear energy plants and plans to eliminate their fleet of 17 by the year 2022.

Moreover, German individuals are buying solar panels and make money off of the extra energy produced, helping the country’s switch to using electricity that comes from renewable resources.