Students save lives


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GIVE. The blood drive is an annual event that gives the student body the chance to help their whole community. One donation of one pint of blood can save three lives.

One donation can saves lives. Donating one pint of blood can help someone who needs it. Students can donate blood in the Gregory Center on Feb. 15 during the school day.

Eligible students that are 16 and up may donate, though 16 and 17-year-olds must get a parental consent form filled out.

Food will be available for donating students after they give blood as it is important to eat and drink after donating. To sign up, students must contact seniors Elayna Berry, Halle Gordon, Kyra Lee, Katelin LeBlanc, or Meghan Digiovanni.

The event is run by the senior student council every year as a way for students to help out the community.

“The blood drive is a super important event for many reasons. The statistic that stood out to me the most was that every donation saves three lives. That is so powerful! I am so excited for Sycamore students to give back to the community,” Gordon said.

Of Hoxworth’s yearly blood collections, 13 percent is from high school drives.

“Approximately 38 percent of the national population is eligible to donate, but annually less than 10 percent actually does,” according to the Central Blood Bank.

Nearly every two seconds someone needs blood, and 4.5 million Americans would die yearly if not for blood transfusions, which make the annual blood drive an important community service act.

“Every day, 300 blood donors and 40 platelet donors are needed to help save lives in our local community,” according to Hoxworth Blood Center.