Students direct one act plays



BETTER TOGETHER. Working with such a small cast encourages students to become closer. After a year of being in class together, students usually have had a chance to get to know each other, but if not, student-directed one acts provide an opportunity to bond with students before the year ends. Generally, this is an especially valuable experience for seniors who will be moving on after graduation.

Each year, during second semester, students in the acting ensemble class embark on their final assignment: student-directed one acts.

Student-directed one acts are a time for students to combine everything they have learned throughout their year or years in the acting ensemble class into one final project that is performed for classmates, parents, and anyone else who comes to watch.

Since they fall in the springtime, oftentimes Aves Theatre alumni stop by for the night of one acts.

“I love student-directed one acts. Last year I was an actress in the one act, but this year I’m directing,” said Sarah Guedira, 11.

Each of the two acting ensemble classes formed three or four one acts. Students meticulously narrowed down shows to find some that work with the class size, gender ratio, and general skill sets.

Each play has one director and around five actors. Together, the group plans all elements of the production: lights, sound, set, costumes, props, character choices, rehearsal schedule, the list goes on and on.

“I had a positive experience with student-directed one acts last year, so I can’t wait to do it again. It’s the perfect way to end the year. I’m in a group with a lot of my friends, so we work well together,” said Shayna Kling, 11.

Student-directed one acts are currently scheduled to be on May 3.

“If people want a different experience than most Aves Theatre shows, they should come to student-directed one acts. It’s a fun night with a ton of different shows.

“A lot of strong actors get to show how they’ve improved throughout the year. I’d recommend stopping by,” said Andrew Lawrence, 11.