AP exams creep closer


Sydney Weiss

STUDY UP. There are a variety of places students go to study for AP exams. Some focus on classroom materials; others opt to purchase alternative materials. In some cases, exposure to an array of different materials is more effective.

   As the weather gets warmer, the spring AP exams get closer. Although students have technically been preparing for these exams the entire year, the stress arrives nonetheless.

  For some students, especially juniors, AP exams add on to a list of tests including ACTs, SATs, and the standardized testing that is performed in the spring. Those involved in AP exams could be taking anywhere between one and seven, or more if they opt to take one for a class they are not enrolled in during the regular school day.

  “I don’t think the stress has really kicked in yet, but I have a feeling it will in the next couple months. I’m taking three APs, so I have a bit more to study than I did last year when I was only in one,” said Shayna Kling, 11.

  While some students know they want to receive a passing grade on their exams so they can have college credit, other students have no idea what college they will end up at and therefore whether their score will count for credit.  

  “I don’t know where I’ll go to college, so I’m hoping my AP scores can give me college credit, but I can’t be sure,” said Kathleen Good, 11.

  The experience gained while taking a college level course will follow students regardless of where they end up after high school.

  “As a senior, I’m somewhat used to the process of AP exams and classes by now. It will still be a tough time of year in the weeks leading up to the exam though. There is a lot of studying involved,” said Kate McNamara-Marsland, 12.

  In the weeks to come, teachers and students may be scrambling to get through all the material for AP exams. AP review books will be found in the backpacks of many. Students may even begin to stock up on number two pencils as another year of AP exams begins shortly.