New Voices shares voices


Lydia Masset

SNAP. Sophomore Chloe Mensch strives for the best angle at the Art Academy on Feb. 1. A goal of the New Voices program is to visit diverse locations that will spark creativity. Some examples of these are the Plum Street Temple, Memorial Hall, and even a ride on the streetcar.

 Each Thursday of the months of January, February, and March, several photo students participate in a unique opportunity. The program they have been invited to be a part of is called “New Voices,” which combines photography, education, and volunteering all in one.

  The goal of New Voices is to “provide a creative outlet for individuals served by the agency through photography and creative writing.”

  The students work with residents of Tender Mercies, a nonprofit that provides living arrangements for those who have experienced both homelessness and mental illness.

   SHS students, residents, and program supervisors visit locations around the city and photograph their surroundings.

  Afterward, everyone selects their very best images of the day, with the end goal of using all the photographs to create a final project. That project can be anything that the residents and students collectively decide on.

  Another one of they key mission statements of the organization is to “provide high school students with an opportunity to learn about significant community issues through direct interaction with agencies and individuals.”

  Photo courtesy of Lydia Masset.