Spanish students learn to dance


Lu, Jessica Michelle

DANCE. Spanish students watch as Jeremy Mainous and Carrie Means perform their own salsa routine. Gathered in the Little Theatre, AP Spanish and CHS missed fifth bell and lunch in order to learn more about the dancing aspect of Hispanic cultures. Smiling and dancing, students had a great time learning. 

While taking a Spanish class is certainly about learning grammar and vocabulary, the teachers find it just as important to educate students on the cultures of Hispanic communities. One key cultural component of many Hispanic countries is dance.

On Wed. March 7, all of the students in AP Spanish and CHS learned three different dances during fifth bell and lunch. In the week leading up to this event, AP Spanish students have been learning about the different kinds of music and dances that are found all over Spanish-speaking countries.

At the dance lesson, students were greeted in the Little Theatre by instructors from the Arthur Murray Dance Studio. Dancing with partners, instructors Jeremy Mainous and Carrie Means taught everybody how to do the salsa, bachata, and merengue.

“It was really fun. I feel more in touch with my inner self,” said John Heppler, 11.

The music playing in the background ranged from the traditional music usually associated with each particular dance to fun remixes of popular songs. For example, when dancing bachata, students heard a more upbeat version of “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus sung in Spanish.

After the dance lesson, everybody in attendance was treated to food from El Vaquero Mexican Restaurant.

The dance lessons are a fairly new tradition among Spanish students.

“Gosh, we think we’ve being doing this for the past five years,” said Mrs. Lisa Vanags, Spanish teacher.

At the end of the day, Spanish students certainly left with more than a spring in their step.