Chemistry classes (tie) dye


Kirsten Thomas

INSTRUCTION. Mr. Chad Husting instructs multiple classes on what to do on Tie Dye Day. This allows for the actual day to run more smoothly. The make up day will be Tues., Mar. 13.

On Thurs. March 8, chemistry students are tie dying shirts  in their classes.

This yearly tradition is a creative opportunity to learn about the science behind the process. Classes had an informational day on March 7.

“Today we did a pre-lab for the tie dye tomorrow, and Mr. Chad Husting talked about the guidelines for tie dying,” said Alex Holdren, 11.

The informational session during class time will help students prepare for the actual tie dying, including what colors and pattern they will choose to dye into their shirt.

Colors include red, orange, yellow, purple, and different shades of blue and green.

“I am excited for all of the colors that will be brought into the classroom,” Holdren said.

Those who wanted to participate were required to pay a small fee, which covers the cost of the shirt and dyes they will use for the activity. Students are required to bring in newspaper on tie-dye day to put under the shirt they will be dying to help contain any messes.

“[This could] make chemistry a little bit more fun,” Holdren said.