FFTC finds donation total


McDaniel's Photography

STRIKE A POSE. A dragonfly, which is what TDF calls the kids whom they help, and her fellow model pose during the show. This is the 12th annual FFTC fashion show. It is the fifth time FFTC has raised money for TDF.

Fashion for the Cure’s (FFTC) annual fundraiser took place on February 23. The goal of the event was to raise $30,000 for The Dragonfly Foundation (TDF).

TDF helps create a community for children (and their families) going through cancer and bone marrow treatment.

Ever since the fundraiser occurred, TDF has been counting all of the money raised and have finally totaled it; this year, FFTC raised $25,577.48.

FFTC’s committee did not make all of this on the night of the show alone. Rather, things like individual donations and the one-to-two mini fundraisers that committee members organized each month amassed a large portion of the funds.

Despite not reaching their goal, co-chairs of FFTC’s committee, seniors Lily Martinson and Emma Sulfsted, were proud of all the event accomplished.

“I am extremely proud [of the amount raised]! It’s not the most we have ever raised, but it’s in the top. Everyone worked extremely hard and I am incredibly proud of everyone,” Martinson said.

The most FFTC had collected for TDF was $29,000 in 2016. However, reaching the $30,000 goal is not the main focus of this fundraiser.

Instead, the committee wants to raise as much as they possible can to make a difference for TDF.

“Every single cent helps those amazing, strong kids that were in the show and more.

“The committee worked extremely hard this past year to make this event the best it could be, and there were many successes in it,” Sulfsted said.

Some changes will be made in hopes of increasing the amount raised next year. Ms. Deborah Klemt, FFTC’s adviser, found that the supply of baskets this year was too great, resulting in them selling at prices that were lower than anticipated.

Klemt also cites that in order to reach the $30,000 goal next year, the fundraiser needs to obtain $5,000 in individual donations. Maybe next year will be the year that FFTC raises $30,000.