Q&A with walkout supporter Madeleine Weiss


Sydney Weiss

PREPARE. The SHS walkout and L.A.S.T. both took immense planning and preparation. L.A.S.T. was coordinated among more than one high school in the area. “Everyone involved in some way is willing to talk about the cause,” said Madeleine Weiss, 11.

Now more than ever, teens are taking action and standing up for their beliefs. Naturally, students organized both the SHS walkout and Lobbying for a Safer Tomorrow (L.A.S.T.), the march that traveled to Columbus.

While many students had valuable roles in organizing these events, junior Madeleine Weiss is on the board for L.A.S.T.

How did you become involved in the planning for the march?

I’m one of the co-presidents of HeForShe. Some of the seniors who are leading the walkout reached out to HeForShe about advertising for it. Since one of the organizers of the walkout is the Women’s March and HeForShe participates in that, I decided it was our responsibility to join with this cause.

What exactly occurred?

There was a different bell schedule, so students did not miss class for the walkout. From 9:28 a.m. to 10:33 a.m., if they wanted to participate, they went outside. Basically, they could either go outside for the walkout or could go sit in the gym during this time.

There were some speakers. Afterwards, everyone went back to class.

What was your role in preparing for this event?

I’m not on the leadership committee for this walkout, but the other co-president of HeForShe, junior Kevin Landrum, is. I am a member of the group who after the walkout met at Wise Temple and then traveled to Columbus to lobby our congresspeople.

What is the benefit of taking part in the SHS walkout?

Things like this don’t happen everyday. Big social change and reform comes from a popular movement. We are the adults of tomorrow, so we need to show that we care about these things. Some people may not be into politics, but in this day and age and given recent events, having some kind of opinion about what’s happening and what are the right moves going forward is essential.

I walked out primarily for improved gun legislation, but it’s also just really cool that teens are leading this movement as opposed to the older generations. It’s amazing how the primary leader and figurehead of this cause Emma Gonzales is our age.

I love how we have these eloquent, educated people our age who we can relate to are making this change. We can be a part of that change.