Even before I knew about major shootings

Questioning purpose behind owning guns

With the March 14 nationwide walkout honoring the 17 lost lives in the Florida shooting and expressing our need for change, I began thinking about what I believed in gun control.

I do not want to get too political, and my lack of knowledge of representatives and law will restrain me some.

However, ever since I was little, before I even knew about major shootings I have always wondered why the U.S. allowed citizens to have guns.

Guns just seemed to be violent and for the purpose of causing ultimately death.

I remember being over at someone’s house that my parents knew, and I was allowed in the bedroom to watch a movie with my sister.

I remember discovering a long gun under the bed and being terrified. Because my family did not have a gun, I was not used to it.

But I wondered why they had a gun under the bed and figured out it was for defense…because other people had guns.

Ultimately, I asked myself this: why can we not just get rid of guns? Self defense with a bat or something else? It just seemed weird to expect someone to attack you and to have a gun in your house to protect yourself.

Of course, now that I am older, I understand better both sides of the story. However, the number of lives lost due to mass shootings cannot be overlooked.

The constitution allows amendments because change becomes inevitable with piling evidence as time goes on.

Other countries that do not allow citizens to have arms as leniently as the U.S. have significantly fewer mass shootings and lives not taken away from loved ones.

Everyone supports finding the cure for cancer because so many lives are lost to it, but why do people not support limiting deaths from guns?

What can be so much more appealing than saving lives?

My parents do not have guns and sometimes it is even scary to say that out loud because everyone else has guns, so it can make me feel vulnerable.

However, my parents have never felt the need to have one, and I think they never desired one.