Aviator bells discuss what ‘diversity at Sycamore High School’ means to them

During Diversity Week, Aviator bells were asked to define what diversity meant to them and send it to the administration. Below are what some classes said, as shared with us by the administration.

(Example Format)

“Teacher Name : To our class, diversity at Sycamore means…”

Wall: To our class, diversity at Sycamore High School means cherishing the differences and similarities of people and accepting them for who they are.

Gleim: To our class, diversity at Sycamore means accepting and respecting everyone despite different backgrounds and circumstances. Love.

Ferguson:  In the simplest way possible, Sycamore has so many different representations of race, ethnicity, culture, identity – our diversity is evident everyday, in every aspect of our daily routines and activities.  We are DIVERSITY!

Farrell: To our class, diversity at Sycamore means seeing the differences of individuals but not letting them feel like they need to change a single thing because everyone counts. Embrace one another.

Scheidler: Diversity at Sycamore relates to the eclectic collection of cultures and religion that reside in the same learning space and the different viewpoints and ideas that people have. We think that in general at Sycamore, people tend to embrace the diversity that we embody.   

Googins: Being part of a group of people who are not all the same and who are able to express themselves in different ways.  

Starkie: It is not just the acceptance of the differences in our student body but also the celebration of the things that make us unique and special and participation in those differences by students of many backgrounds and experiences.

Hoffman: Diversity at SHS is the GREATEST thing in the universe!  It is the differences in race and culture and learning and understanding these differences that makes SHS a great place.

Collins: To our class, diversity is the GREATEST thing anywhere!  It’s recognizing, embracing, and accepting the differences among us.

McFall: Diversity at SHS means that we are a celebration of all races, ethnicities, sexualities, genders, religions, styles, opinions, beliefs. We respect, honor, and embrace one another. We are fortunate to be able to learn and grow together.

Frost: It’s a nice little chopped salad that suggests diversity, NOT a melting pot, which suggests conformity. Every group brings their own flavor and makes the world a better place. A range of different things could suggest diversity: race, religion, immigration, gender/sex, beliefs and preferences, age, abilities, etc.

Newton: It means embracing other people’s differences. Learning about other cultures can help us we can avoid stereotypes and misunderstandings. Accepting each other no matter what religion, culture, or background.

Akeley: Coming together even though we have differences.

Gilbert: A garden has a variety of unique flora, and Sycamore High School is that garden.