Molina transitions students into workforce


Emily Molina

BONDING. Mrs. Emily Molina snaps a photo with one of her work study students, Logan Kaplan. Through this program students are connected to in and out of school opportunities. This allows students to take a step towards a possible career.

SHS teacher Mrs. Emily Molina works with students whose learning employs special strategies, specifically helping them prepare to move from high school into the workforce.

One thing she focuses on and communicates to others is that those with autism or any other special need deserves the same respect as everyone else.

“Just because they have [special needs] does not mean they want to be treated differently,” Molina said.

Further, it is crucial to understand that individuals who learn differently are not defined by their condition, rather they are so much more than that.

Molina also focuses on everything her students can do, and what they bring to the table.

“[I] focus on their ability, not their disability,” Molina said.

Molina also focuses on giving these students a chance, as there is ample opportunity to learn. As she explained, we will learn more from them then they will ever learn from us.

It is important to treat these students the same as others, because we all have different strengths and weaknesses.

“We all have something to offer,” Molina said.

When we give these students an opportunity and begin to learn more about who they are, the opportunity arises to build strong friendships and bonds that are life changing.

She has helped others in her line of work, but in return has been changed by her students.

“[These students] have shined a light on me I did not even know existed,” Molina said.