Walkout warriors say #enough

Am I next? One month after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida, hundreds of SHS students participated in the Women’s March Youth Empower National Walkout.

The movement brought attention to the need for legislative change and urged Congress to take action to prevent gun violence from occurring in our schools and country.

SHS differentiated itself from most other schools by adjusting the bell schedule, as to minimize class disruption.

Those participating in the walkout were undoubtedly compelled by the cause.

Withstanding wind chill in 30 degree weather, the crowd listened to speeches conducted by 17 of their respective peers and teachers.

Each speaker shared the names and backgrounds of each victim from Parkland.

Many of the speakers and students saw parallels between themselves and those they memorialized.

Sophomore Samuel Barans was one of the 17 speakers and is an outspoken advocate for change.

Senior Makayla Stover delivered an introduction for the event, and senior Asa Hodrick gave the walkout’s closing address.


In his speech entitled “Seventeen,” Hodrick said, “Just as you and I, they were artists, athletes, scholars, and above all, humans…We will be the dominoes to topple our leaders into action.

“It’s up to us, in this generation, to enact change.”