TIP Intern


Ms. Carol Leach

Sam Leach currently works at Hilton Garden Inn in the kitchen. Despite working, Sam still has time to enjoy doing things he loves. “Sam’s perfect day includes a Diet Coke from McDonald’s and a trip to the beach,” said Ms. Carol Leach, Sam Leach’s mother.

Sam Leach, TIP Intern, is a member of the Sycamore community. Sam is on the Autism Spectrum, and uses an IPad to help him communicate.
Although he has a communication barrier, Sam is like any other student.

“He loves to ride roller coasters at Kings Island, swim, shop, and eat out,” said Ms. Carol Leach, Sam Leach’s mother.

Sam enjoys Diet Coke from McDonalds, going to the beach, traveling, trains, and is excellent at word searches and puzzles.

In the second grade, Sam got a service dog, John Boy who is now retired, but still lives with the Leach’s.

While attending SHS, Sam took part in many of the clubs and activities offered. Sam helped out with the water polo team and attended Yoga Club.

“Sam loved going to the school dances. He enjoys any time he gets to hang out with classmates,” Carol Leach said.

Now, Sam enjoys working out at the Blue Ash Recreation Center a few times a week. After working out, he enjoys sitting in the hot tub.

Sam currently works at Hilton Garden Inn in the kitchen.

It is important to remember that Sam is always listening and understanding when you communicate with him, even if you do not think he is listening.

“Sam understands much more than he can say or people realize. You may not think he is paying attention, but he is. He worries about things he hears on the news.

“He likes when people say kind things to him. He [does not] like when people talk about him like he [is not] there. Sam wants to be liked and treated with respect,” Carol Leach said.