Thomas A. McKean


Claire Myers

AMAZING. Thomas A. McKean’s books were published in 1994 and 1996. He works to help others with disabilities. He wants to encourage many to go out of their comfort zones.

Thomas A. McKean was diagnosed with autism in the seventh grade. After being diagnosed, he was placed in a psychiatric facility, where he stayed for about three years.

He later attended Parkland College in Illinois and received his GED and studied computer science. He graduated high school a year early, then later went to Columbus State Community College and studied mental health and journalism.

McKean is known for his two published books, “Soon Will Come the Light” and “Light on the Horizon.”

The former is mainly about behavior and neuro-sensory information on autism. The latter is about the “how-to’s” of autism.

He also began a website that was first planned only for his published articles about autism, but began to include far more.

He is also known for his many speeches that he has given around the country in order to inspire others and make them aware of disabilities.