Gerald Franklin


Photo Courtesy of Allyson Bonhaus

SHOW YOUR TALENT. Gerald Franklin finds autism to be his asset, as it helps him create a website that people with special needs can find a job on. As the lead website developer, he allows those with special needs to post videos highlighting their skills. The website connects these potential employees with prospective employers.

A leading website developer for WebTeam Corporation, Gerald Franklin helps other people with autism find jobs. Franklin was diagnosed at age four with Asperger’s, which is on the high functioning side of autism.

Technology has provided a niche for him, where he can connect with others. As a leading interface designer, he helps create videos, apps, and the website even though he is only in his 20’s.

He helped create the Spectrum Careers website, which is a website that people with special needs can use to help connect them with jobs.

“I would try to explain something really cool or interesting to someone, but they did not understand. So, it would be making lots of drawings, making lots of notes — and my team members are extremely appreciative,” Franklin said, according to “NPR.”