Fortnite becomes newest online craze


Benjamin Green

FORTNITE. Millions of young teenagers are playing the newest game, Fortnite. According to Metro Gaming, there are 3.4 million concurrent players. “I think I am addicted to Fortnite,” said Gordy Anaple, 9.

Call of Duty, Halo, and Counter Strike: these are some of the most popular first-person shooting games ever. The newest addition to this list is Fortnite.

Fortnite is an online, multiplayer survival video game where players eliminate each other to become the last man standing. Players start the game by landing on the map, gathering up materials and weapons, and surviving or attacking opposition. There are three game modes: Solo (one player) , Duos (two players), or Squads (up to four players).

Although this game is fun, participants are taking this game very competitively, and many are “addicted.”

“I would say I am the best Fortnite player out of all my friends. I usually play every day after school with my friends for hours,” said Andrew Fehr, 9.

Fortnite recently was uploaded to the App Store and can now be played on cell phones as opposed to console.

“I play Fortnite during class a lot. Whenever I have free time, I usually play [Fortnite], too,” said Joe Kisselle, 9.

Celebrities like Drake, Travis Scott, Joe Jonas and athletes like Paul George and JJ Watt all play this new viral sensation. Athletes even have their own Fortnite-themed shoes that they have customized for games. Yes, they wear them during sporting events.

Even the dances in the game have been popularized, and people do them almost anywhere.

“During our baseball game against Mason, we started doing the [Fortnite] dances to the other team. It was really funny and frustrated the other team,” said Brandon Sichel, 9.

Streaming websites like YouTube and Twitch have been filled with Fortnite game play and are taking the games popularity to a whole new level. For more information on Fortnite visit.