James Durbin


Photo Courtesy Sydney Weiss

CELEBRATE. Durbin is responsible for the largest social gathering to occur in Santa Cruz. When he returned from American Idol, a crowd of 30,000 people gathered. Called Durbin Day, this day is still the largest public gathering to occur in Durban’s hometown.

James Durbin got his start as many musicians do: a singing competition. He competed in American Idol. A guitarist and singer, Durban was in the top four artists on season ten of the show.

Durbin was born in 1989 in Santa Cruz, California. He was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome and Asperger syndrome. He participated in theatre and did shows such as “West Side Story,” “Beauty and the Beast,” and “Grease.”

Durbin has been a lead singer in bands such as Hollywood Scars and Quiet Riot. Hollywood Scars was inspired by the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. While Durbin was not an originating member of Quiet Riot, he was selected as the new lead singer in 2017.

Additionally, he went on tour with other American Idol participants following his season on the show. He has appeared on talk shows including The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Durbin is now married and has a daughter. He is still a member of Quiet Riot.