Senioritis takes over


Claire Myers

SLEEP IS NOT THE ANSWER. It is hard to not sleep during school and class. But it is time to finish off the year strong. “This has probably been the hardest quarter yet,” said Brecka Banner, 12.

It is the end of the school year, and that means it is almost time for graduation for most seniors. Many seniors are planning their summer breaks and preparing for college. It is the beginning of a new time for most students.

This can cause problems for people, however. Seniors cannot help it, but they get what is best known as “senioritis.” Seniors stop doing assignments, sleep less than they already do, have no motivation, and sit as they watch their grades slowly decline.

“We are a product of our surroundings, and when one student has senioritis, we all have senioritis,” said Jeremy Pletz, 12.

Most students follow what they see their peers doing. If no one is doing the work, then they wonder why they should have to do it too. Some say that even underclassmen lose motivation by the end of the year.

“I think all students have senioritis. You just get to a point, and you stop fighting it,” said Connor McGowan, 12.

Having senioritis can cause problems. If it gets bad enough, some colleges may even reconsider acceptances. It is important to make small goals throughout the last half of the year, especially for seniors, so that mistakes will not happen.

“I have not opened my backpack in almost a month besides at school,” said Madi Ringer, 12.

Let us try to make the best of this last quarter of school.