Volunteers serve ‘InReturn’


Benjamin Vore

KEEP IT MOVING. Senior Elayna Berry, juniors Peyton Gilhart and Matthew Supp, and freshman Alba (Cynthia) Kudatsi are pictured at the brush and cap station. The majority of the students helped with the brush and cap process. Students inserted the brush piece into a metal stand, put the cap on top, and then an InReturn worker would push the cap until it became one piece.

On Mon., April 16, students from SHS went to the local organization InReturn to volunteer for a couple hours on their day off. Student Council organized the volunteer event.

There were 14 students from all grade levels that participated in the tour and worked after. Teachers/Student Council sponsors Mr. Benjamin Vore and Ms. Kathryn Korchok were present for the event as well.

“The environment was so positive and everyone was so friendly,” said Carolyn Zhang, 11.

InReturn employs those with a neurological injury, disorder, or disease and adapts the work projects to allow those on the spectrum of ability to have a place of employment where they can get an hourly wage and actually be making a product.

“Learning more about different people, different organizations, and different environments is crucial as we begin to think about our places in society,” Zhang said.

Honda and other companies have partnerships/work deals with InReturn. The company is sent parts to deconstruct, makes some products from start to finish, or makes the brush/cap portion of a nail polish or superglue.

InReturn offers many opportunities to those with disabilities as well as student volunteers who can get volunteer hours and even teach the workers new life skills. InReturn is not just a place to work but to hang out and further one’s education.

“Ultimately, InReturn has taught me more about the miraculous process of recovery and the true value of human potential,” Zhang said.