Dreams bigger than expected


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DREAMS HELP WITH CREATIVITY. Dreaming helps your brain stay active and can help you to find inspiration. But 50 percent of dreams are negative and may leave you feeling uneasy or unhappy. “Bad dreams will make me feel anxious and nervous, and I always feel like there is a double meaning to them and something bad is going to happen,” said Calliope Osborn, 12.

The concept of dreams is odd. Some nights they are remembered, and other nights it feels as if there were not any dreams.

Some believe that one of the main reasons people dream is for psychological reasons, either to organize and to remember information. Others believe it can also help people with solving problems and dealing with feelings.

There are many facts about dreams that most may not know.

The faces that are seen in dreams are only faces that people know.

“Experts insist that our brains cannot invent new faces to feature in our dreams… that does not mean that you personally know that person,” according to thelawofattraction.com.

Also, blind people can dream. But they dream differently. If someone was born blind, then they still cannot see, but they can smell, hear sound, touch, and use other senses in their dreams. If someone was born with sight but loses it later in life, than they can still see in their dreams.

“Dreams are interesting because they show you what you want your life to look like, and everyone’s dreams are different,” said Sarah Abraham, 12.

When you dream, you can also only remember a fraction of your dream. If you do not remember it within the first five minutes of waking up, then you will most likely not remember it ever again.

“Dreams are more likely to stick with you if they repeat or have emotional resonance,” said thelawofattraction.com.

Dreams are weird but a common sensation everyone shares. Everyone will remember a dream (or part of a dream) at some point in their lives.