Earthwise pet


Photo Courtesy of Kirsten Thomas

PICK A TREAT. TIP students are involved in making dog treats at EarthWise Pet. There is a stand dedicated to these specific treats in the Harper’s Point store. The bag also includes the individual’s name who worked on that bag of treats, which gives it a nice personal touch.

Students involved in TIP have the opportunity to work with businesses throughout the community. One local business, EarthWise Pet, helps to employee these students.

Students come in with the mindset of learning new skills, while EarthWise Pet is excited to have their help.

“There are so many different aspects of working in a retail business [that the TIP students] can learn here: stocking and facing shelves, counting inventory, checking out customers at the register, and helping them to their car with their purchase…” said Lisa Woods, EarthWise Pet owner.

EarthWise Pet grooms animals, which allows students to gain hands-on experience if they are interested in this field.

“The students have the opportunity to see how a grooming shop is run and (if they are interested) experience hands-on grooming of cats and dogs with [the] supervision of trained professional groomers. The students from Sycamore do an amazing job working with the animals,” Woods said.

Not only do TIP interns gain valuable experience by working with EarthWise Pet, but the company as a whole benefits from the phenomenal work these students bring to the table.

“The students have benefited our company in so many ways since we began the partnership with Sycamore… we enjoy watching them interact with our customers and are always amazed at the amount of enthusiasm they bring to work with them,” Woods said.

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