Chudnoff launches literary meditation


Halem Chudnoff

FACE YOUR EMOTIONS. A mock-up design of the cover of Volume One of “The Crawl Space,” Nehalem Chudnoff’s, 11, new literary journal. Cover artwork was drawn by Tom Kisselle. Volume One is slated to be published in print in August 2018, and is currently open for submission. “I just really hope the journal can be a safe space where people can submit their work and know that it is valued,” Chudnoff said.

Letters, words, sentences, stories are like air: vital for life as we know it, and ubiquitous as a result. Nevertheless, it is essential to appreciate those conventional things in life for the organic pleasures they may offer.

Junior Nehalem Chudnoff knows this better than most; his dedication to poetry and songwriting have been well-established. His latest brainchild, however, will expand this literary fascination to all writings.

“The Crawl Space” (“TCS”) is an uncensored literary journal committed to documenting raw human emotion through written works. Slated to be a print publication, “TCS” will accept submissions from any interested writers.

One of Chudnoff’s core intentions in creating “TCS” was to provide a simple venue for small-scale writers to publish their work and have their thoughts heard.

This intention was derived from his own experiences.

“I started ‘The Crawl Space’ because I had been searching for a way to have my work published and found that it was difficult for myself to submit.

“I felt like I wouldn’t be heard and that my work wouldn’t really be read, as well as the fact that it’s difficult to find a journal that would publish my work.

“I didn’t like that, and I wanted to make a journal that is easy to submit to and where your work will really be appreciated,” Chudnoff said.

The journal will print poetry, prose, stories, lyrics, and other written media. “TCS” is looking to showcase a diverse and unique body of work, but the objective of analyzing human emotion will remain central.

“I feel that writing in general is an incredible way to display your emotions in a really visceral manner.

“The Crawl Space’ is meant to be a place where writers can submit their most emotional writing and be confident that it is treasured, admired, and read and/or printed without any judgement,” Chudnoff said.

Volume One of “TCS” will be released and on sale in Aug. 2018. The submission deadline for this issue is June 30, 2018. Chudnoff encourages any prospective applicants to submit work.

“Sycamore has some amazing writers whose work deserves to be read… I really hope the journal will show students that no matter the subject material, their work is impactful and important,” Chudnoff said.

To submit work for Volume One, email Stay updated by following @crawlspacejournal on Instagram.