Work study enthusiast


Photo Courtesy of Mrs. Kimberly Reese

TALENTED. SHS student Sanford Reese has many interests such as sports, but expands his talents throughout other aspects of his life. Reese enjoys attending his work study through SHS. Further, he enjoys going to Friday outings.

Sanford Reese is a student at SHS. Reese enjoys activities such as basketball and bowling, but is also interested in things such as fire engines and dinosaurs.

Despite his interests, Reese is talented in many other aspects.

“Sanford is multifaceted with gifts and abilities, but he is extremely interested in sports,” said Mrs. Kimberly Reese, Sanford Reese’s mother.

At school, Sanford enjoys going to his work study sites and the Friday outings involved with that.

Sanford can be quiet at times, but it is because he is observing the world around him.

“He may be quiet, but he is very bright and observant. He is very structured and regimented,” Mrs. Reese said.

Further, Sanford prefers to stick to a schedule and is very organized.

“He prefers to do the same thing the same way everyday unless we are doing a family outing. He is very neat and is very self sufficient,” she said.