New music rings in new week


Benjamin Green

KEVINS HEART. ‘Kevin’s Heart was one of the more popular songs on the album. There is a music video for the track on Youtube. “I think the message and quality of the song was the highlight of the album,” said Nick Bruggeman, 9.

J. Cole released his fifth studio album, ‘KOD’, April 20. This is the Fayetteville raised rapper’s latest album since the 2016 release of, ‘4 Your Eyez Only.’ Cole announced the album four days prior on Twitter and Instagram with little time to promote the record.

The album received 64.5 million music streams on Apple Music in the first 24 hours, surpassing the previous record, Drake’s ‘Views’ by nearly a million. On Spotify it totalled 26.7 million plays, in the first day.

The tracklist consists of 12 songs and just like his previous albums, only features himself. However, Cole lists a feature, kiLL edward, who is himself, just in a low pitch. Edward is an alter ego of Cole. This is not the first time an artist has changed their name or had an alter ego. Prince, Pharrell and Nas are just a few to do the same.

In the album, Cole raps about themes of infidelity, greed, and the need to be popular. Cole is known as a ‘conscious rapper’ and is very humble.

On tracks like, ‘1985’, Cole gives advice to young, black, rappers to not follow the stereotypes they are given and to save their money and not waste it on unnecessary luxury items.  

The topic of infidelity is spoken on, ‘Kevin’s Heart’. The rapper talks about the need to abuse drugs and cheating on his loved one. “Wanna have my cake and another cake too, Even if the baker don’t bake like you, Even when the baker don’t taste like you,” Cole raps.

The track is rumored to be about Kevin Hart, and him cheating on his wife. Hart is featured in the music video and is looked at with guilty faces and is confronted by another man to stay loyal.

‘KOD’ looks to break even more records and is appearing to be the highest selling album of the year so far. To listen to the album visit Spotify