Winter drumline competes in championships

The winter drumline competed at WGI World Championships among 200 drumlines from across the country.

The group is comprised of students in grades eight through 12, and many have participated in Marching Band while others have not.

Within the two divisions, Scholastic and Independent, Sycamore’s drumline competed in Scholastic A, among 65 other groups.

It has been eight years since Sycamore had a competitive winter drumline. All members were new to the setting, style, and layout of a show, but that did not hold them back.

“Being inside is a big difference. You can tell how many people are there and you can hear everything. It is very different from Marching Band,” said Mitchell Durham, 9.

The drumline made two performances, one for semifinals at the Nutter Center at Wright State in Dayton. Despite the crowds and unfamiliar setting, the students were able to place 25th overall.