Gym classes get lit


Abigail Lefton

BLAZE. Senior, Trevor Size cooks a ham steak over self-made campfire as a part of the camping unit for the outdoor recreation gym class. Students may choose to make any meal they want over the fire if they supply their own materials and clean up themselves.“It was a new, interesting experience that I will probably not try again. Although I’m not the outdoorsy type I gained a new appreciation for nature,” Xadi Ndiaye, 11.

The Outdoor Recreation gym class is an elective gym credit which covers an array of topics pertaining to wilderness skills. For the past two weeks, the class has been learning about camping.

As a way to incorporate the lessons learned in the classroom to real life, the classes have been having a cookout in the woods behind the senior parking lot. The groups will start their own fire, cook their own food, and experience the essence of campfire cooking.

“It was very fun to go out and build a fire with my friends. Doing it with my friends was way better than any of the other times I have done outdoor activities, so I really enjoy this class and the experiences we have learned together,” said Mallory Comerford, 11.

The class also includes a fishing unit that includes an activity where the students walk to the pond at the entrance of the school and attempt to catch and release fish during the bell. A homework assignment for that unit is acquiring bait, like worms. Students learn about safety survival in the wild in life-or-death situations. It includes lessons on how to survive a hurricane, tornado, or desert situation.

“In my opinion, the camping unit was very useful because we were able to learn skills to survive if we were in stuck the outdoors. It is a great preparation for potential situations in the future to incorporate the skills we learned in class,” said Megan Long, 11.