U4U elects new officers


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TRANSITION. Former U4U officers seniors Julia McDowell and Jeremy Pletz are at a fundraising booth for sponsoring a Ugandan children. Officers were replaced through submissions and were announced. Next year has high expectations awaiting U4U.

The school year is coming to a close; however, SHS clubs and organizations must go on so that they can continue smoothly after three short months of summer.

Transitions are taking place in many clubs especially through elections of new officer positions.

The Unified for Uganda Club (U4U) has chosen and positioned new officers for the 2018-19 school year. President Molly Ferguson, 11, was not unexpected as she was President in Training (PIT) throughout this year.

In addition to a new president, the club needed new officers and made forms to be filled out and submitted regarding which position someone wanted and why they would be a great contribution to the U4U committee.

Positions available were President in Training, Sponsorship Coordinators, Class Representatives for each grade, Secretary, Publicity Managers, Fundraising Coordinators, and Merchandise Sales Manager.

The forms were due April 19 and were available for a couple weeks in room 137 to pick up and submit.

Through careful consideration these officers were chosen:
PIT- Gaby Pereda, 9
Sponsorship Coordinators- Juniors Nick Dooley, Holly Giese, Riley GIbson, Caitlyn Jarrett, Hannah Lee, and sophomore Marilene Van den Berg
Secretary- Emily Kremchek, 11
Publicity Managers- Juniors Marlee Treta and Grace Hall
Treasurers- Juniors Davis NiBlack and Nicholas Scardicchio
Class Representatives- Freshman to be determined next year; Sophomore Claire Laneve; Junior Lindsey Stevens; Senior to be determined next year
Fundraising Coordinators- Freshmen Allie Fehr, Ginevra Pascale, and Abla Kudatsi
Merchandise Sales- Disha Patel, 10

The first meeting by Ferguson was during ACE/lunch in room 137 on Mon. April 30 to start off a new page in the U4U chapter and introduce the U4U Summit, a conference over the summer to learn more about U4U’s vision and get leadership training.