Autism awareness month reflection


Kirsten Thomas

PIECE BY PIECE. April brought awareness to autism. Throughout the month articles were uploaded daily including profiles of individuals and companies. Even though April is over, awareness and appreciation should still be shared.

As April and autism awareness month has come to an end, there are a few key items that should be taken away from the month.

Firstly, it is crucial to understand that those on the autism spectrum are no less than those who are not. Individuals on and off of the autism spectrum have many strengths and talents which should not go unnoticed.

Further, these individuals make a positive impact on our community. Many individuals on the spectrum have jobs throughout our community, and employers are eager to hire them.

Without their intervention, our community would not be as filled with rich, talented community members.

Throughout April, individuals and companies throughout our community and country have been recognized.

Local companies in our area explained how individuals on the spectrum benefit their company, and those on the spectrum expressed how much they enjoy working for these companies.

April brought awareness to these individuals and all of their great accomplishments. As we continue through the rest of this school year and throughout our lives, we should never forget all of the good these individuals bring into our community and world.

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