The Leaf takes requests


Sydney Weiss

READ THE LEAF. This year, The Leaf has covered feminism, the Day of Silence, a year in review, and much more. As this year closes and another school year rolls around, there are ten more cover stories to be written. Naturally, The Leaf staff would love to hear what topics the students of SHS are most interested in.

As the 2017-2018 school year comes to a close, the staff of The Leaf would love to hear about stories that you may not have seen covered this year, but would love to see in the future. Everyone has a story, and The Leaf would like to cover them all.

Do you know of a student doing something interesting at SHS? Is there a new club that The Leaf has not covered yet? Are students doing interesting projects? These are all things that the staff of The Leaf intends to cover.

The Leaf staff prides themselves on being the student news of SHS, so any and all suggestions from students are gladly accepted.

While we cannot guarantee we will cover every single suggestion, either on or in a monthly printed edition of The Leaf, we can guarantee that we will read everything and look into all suggestions.

Any and all stories can be sent to