Seniors walk towards graduation


McDaniel's Photography

ONE MORE WEEK. Sycamore students will walk to get their diplomas in just a week. Graduation is at 9:00 a.m. at the Cintas Center Sat., May 19.

Graduation is coming. In less than one week, seniors will receive their diplomas that they have been working towards for years.

Graduation is an emotional time for many people. Parents, students, siblings, extended family members, good friends are all excited to participate. People are impacted by this big event that marks the end of schooling.

“It’s a time when parents and grandparents and whole extended families are happy to…waiting,” said Marie Hartwell-Walker, PsychCentral.

Some students do not feel the need to walk at their high school graduation. They may find it unimportant or a waste of time for just a few hours.

But, it is a time to show what you have accomplished and that you are finally moving on to bigger things.

“It’s about giving yourself and your family a way to signal that you are, in fact, moving from one chapter of life to another,” Hartwell-Walker said.

Every graduation is about the same. The speeches, receiving of the diploma, music, everything. But to each person, it should be a special day to look back and see everything you have accomplished and to see what is ahead.

Some schools even consider telling people they cannot walk at graduation as a consequence. This makes it sad that some do not see the need to participate.

“Those who pass it up often express regret [it] later,” Hartwell-Walker said.